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Anki is a flashcard tool which incorporates sophisticated research to maximize your study efficiency. You can import public “decks” of flashcards, such as this one.

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as if you made them yourself.

About this Flashcard Deck…

This is my personal primary Korean sentence deck.

For more resources or information about my language study feel free to go to my language learning blog — Acquiring Korean Language Blog

The sentences in this deck are gleaned from a very large variety of sources. I have all the slang from the well-known list thats been circulating the web. I also should have all the sentences from the 500 Korean Verbs and 500 Korean Adjectives, as well as loads of sentences from Daum dictionary. The sentences from Daum were usually connected to words I had come across in my reading or in talking with people. Unfortunately very few of the sentences are tagged. Also, although the vast majority of sentences have an English translation not all do– some I didn’t feel the need for any, some required few notes in Korean.

This deck will continue to be updated as I delete and add new information so keep checking for more sentences. I would like include audio as well.

If you have problems with the deck or you don’t like something, please do not post here but e-mail directly. Thank you.

Questions/Comments: hanguageohakseng AT

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